Discover the HIDDEN Gems in Natural Bridge VA and Lexington, Buena Vista and Raphine!!

Natural Bridge VA and the surrounding areas of Lexington, Buena Vista and Raphine have many places to explore and discover! I will be looking and reporting on those "special gems" for you to discover too! My "roving reporter" and "cub reporters" will be adding their own experiences as well as searching for special surprises!

Did you know there is a "Little Red Caboose" at Natural Bridge? There is and I stayed there two nights! A wonderful hidden gem!

We are NOT just a Natural Bridge Va travel guide! While we do have tourist and visitor information on what to see and where to go we will be adding the unusual and exploring the out of way places.

Just a sample of things to do in this part of Virginia...

Of course the Natural Bridge is breath taking by itself but you can also take a ride in the Safari Park, see a Native American Village, visit Jellystone Campground, explore the Natural Bridge Caverns and more!

Some of the best camping in Virginia can be found here. There are an abundance of bed and breakfast inns as well as great honeymoon spots!

Visit a world renowned horse farm known as the Virginia Horse Center complete with a 4000 seat coliseum! Want more? You can board your horse!They have 19 show rings and 8 barns to accommodate 1200 horses!Plus it is a beautiful place to visit and just watch the horses!

Lots of Civil War landmarks including the grave sites of Robert E Lee and Stonewall Jackson plus Civil War Battlefields.

This area is also the home of a number of outstanding universities such as Washington and Lee University, Virginia Military Institute and Southern Virginia University.

You now have the opportunity to add your own experiences and explorations! All are welcome to contribute including college students! Have you lived in the area forever! You too can add your 2 cents worth! Just look for the form on most pages that asks for YOUR story... we would love to hear from you!

Our site is new and will be growing and expanding. Feel free to make suggestions. Use the "Contact Me" form on the About Me page to reach me with your suggestions!

See my About Me page to find out how I came to start this site.

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Contribute to Natural Bridge Va
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