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About Me

I was raised on a farm on the Eastern Shore of Maryland. My husband and I moved to Richmond, VA about 20 years ago from Baltimore, Maryland. This involved uprooting 3 teenage boys from their surroundings and bringing them to an entirely new area.

Let's just say they were not happy! I am pleased to say that they adjusted and flourished and now I am the proud mom of 3 grown sons and grandmother of 3 grandsons!

One Sunday, after we had settled into our new home in Richmond, I convinced the boys to get in the van and go for a ride. I told them there were only a few rules to this game.

Remember I was working with 3 teenagers and as you may know it is hard to hold their attention AND they still wanted to be back in Maryland!

Rule 1: This is about FUN! We are going to explore!

Rule 2: If you see something that you want to stop and see, yell out "U - ie!!" and Mom will turn around and we can go back and check it out!

Rule 3: We pick a direction and drive, drive, drive.. wherever the mood takes us!

Rule 4: When we are tired and want to go home we have to take a different route. No maps allowed unless we get hopelessly lost and you know what I always say, "We are simply MISPLACED, NOT lost!"

The map was under the seat for back up.

Little did I know that my sense of adventure had sat dormant for years and years while I muddled my way thru diaper changes, 2 am feedings, etc.

My sense of adventure was ALIVE again!

Now my sons have grown into fine young men and I am on my own. Exploring Natural Bridge Virginia and discovering all the unique things it offers using my sense of adventure is one of the fun things in life that I enjoy.

I hope my web site will not only educate you about the area but also give you a sense of adventure to explore and see what wonderful places you can find and enjoy!

Please let me know if you have suggestions of places of interest to add to this site.

That leads me to the About Us part that I promised to tell you about....

About Us

Photo by Tom Oliveira - Courtesy of Dreamstime.com

Not only do I explore and write about the places that I visit, I also have "Roving Reporters" who submit articles and "inside tips" about special places that I call "hidden gems".

Want to be a "Roving Reporter"? You can be any age.. Are you VMI? Teenager in school? Business owner? Mom? Retired?

I would love to hear from you!! Just send me an email and tell me about places to visit and your life in the Natural Bridge, Lexington and Buena Vista areas! You could be published right here!

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