Virginia Safari Park = A 180 Acre Drive Thru Adventure!

Virginia Safari Park is a favorite of many families. Many of my friends have visited and I look forward to adding it to my list of "must see!" on my upcoming visit.

Divided into two features, THE SAFARI and THE VILLAGE, it is sure to be a real adventure! They advertise that it is like getting 2 zoo's for the price of one!

Baby animals! Va Safari Park has over 100 babies born each year! I can't wait to take pictures! The Safari is 3 miles of winding Safari roads and has hundreds of free roaming animals that you see or feed from your car. My friend, Carol, said even her teenager liked Safari and animals!

I want to see everyone of the herds of Zebra, Bison, Elk, Antelope,Deer, Ostrich and Llamas. Pictures, Pictures, Pictures!

The Village part of the Park has a Reptile Building. (You all can check that out on your own. I am definitely NOT a reptile fan! But that's ok!) There are Giant tortoises, monkeys, flamingos, even warthogs! Now I want to see a REAL live Warthog! I hope to see the giraffe feeding station. I might even take a picnic lunch and check out the huge covered picnic area!

Tell us about your Virginia Safari Park adventure!

What great story do you have about your Virginia Safari Park adventure? What was the best part of your experience?

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Fun for our whole family! Not rated yet
We have a teenager and a 10 year old and both they and my husband enjoyed the wide variety of animals in the Safari Park. We will be back!

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