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Learn facts about butterflies like did you know butterflies need water just as humans do? Those that specialize in studying them recommend that you fill a bucket with sand and enough water to cover the sand.

For me, that is hard to do because I forget to add more water and it dries out. If anyone knows of an easy solution please let me know!

The male swallowtail butterflies like to gather at puddles of water to drink. (There is a joke in here somewhere but I'm NOT going there!)

Host plants and nectar plants - What is the difference?

butterfly food

More facts about butterflies... They like not one but two different types of plants. One type of plants attract butterflies because they supply nectar which most grown butterflies drink.

That is what this butterfly is doing... drinking nectar.

The other type of plants are ones that they like to eat - or rather the caterpillars like to eat. This second type of plant is called the "host plant". They actually devour the plant and use it as fuel to grow.

What kind of butterflies do you want in your garden?

There are many kinds of butterflies and it is best to research the types of butterflies that are most prevalent in your own area. Further research will show which host plants are best for each particular species native to your area and what nectar source plant is best.

For more information on this type of research I highly recommend this site: www.butterflywebsite.com They have a list showing the name of each butterfly and it's preferred caterpillar host plant and the recommended butterfly nectar source.

The host plant is where the female gently lays her eggs, usually on the underside of the leaves. In approximately 14 days the larvae emerge and start eating the plant. After munching and growing and reaching a certain size they then leave the plant to form a chrysalis. chrysalis This is a protective shell that holds the caterpillar until it has morphed into the butterfly.

The butterfly metamorphosis is truly amazing!

Do you have a butterfly feeder? What is good butterfly food?

So what do these beautiful creatures eat?

You can buy an actual butterfly feeder at your local garden shop. They will also have nectar or you can make your own nectar.

Another option that is even easier is to place a piece of over ripe fruit that you were thinking of throwing away out for the butterflies. A piece of very ripe banana, orange or a soft pear can be placed in a bowl for them or you can hang it from a tree.

butterfly food

Other Butterfly Facts

Monarch Butterfly Facts

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