More Butterfly Facts for Those Who LOVE Butterflies!

butterfly facts

More butterfly facts for you... Did you know that butterflies and moths are commonly confused for each other? A simple tip will help you to be able to tell them apart.

Butterflies rest with their wings together and up in the air.

Moths. on the other hand, rest with their wings flat.

I have seen butterflies with the colorings of a moth and a moth with the coloring of a butterfly but this little trick helps me to tell the difference.
Most butterflies live a short life - only long enough to start another generation.

Some species migrate thousands of miles but after their long journey their goal is to mate, lay their eggs and then they die.

The Monarch Butterfly migration is the most well known of all the species.

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I was surprised to learn that the monarch butterfly caterpillars that turn into those beautiful Monarch Butterflies were originally very ugly, scary looking things. monarch caterpillars

See what I mean? Yuck!

A true ugly duckling turning into a beautiful swan kind of story!

Still more butterfly facts...

Antarctica has no butterflies and is the only continent that doesn't.

Some butterflies use their feet to taste the leaf they are on to see if it would be good to lay their eggs on.. and to determine if it will be good food for the caterpillars.

Can you image that? What if you and I, as Moms, had to touch our babies' food with our feet before we feed it to them? Yuck!

Did you know there are actually books out there that tell you how to "eat bugs"? Not me!!!

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